Saturday, June 1, 2013

Why Is It Necessary To Maintain SEO Campaigns?

Once your company has achieved its objectives of SEO, or very close to them, they start to climb the visits that come to your website, and thus sales and results. In these cases it is natural to relax a little and uncork the champagne to celebrate. There's nothing wrong with that, but remember that the more competitive your market, the less time there is for complacency. While you rest, your competitors work hard to achieve it.

Maintaining your website Search Engine Optimisation is an inevitable process in positioning campaigns, so it's best to spend time and regular budget to keep pace. Otherwise, it is possible that all the money invested is lost, or that competitors work even harder to reach the top in the search results pages.

Five important SEO maintenance tasks are:

Review changes in competition in the search results pages.

The main reason for the maintenance of labor positioning a website is because the competition is doing something similar. They may follow different strategies in different periods of time according to their knowledge and availability of resources: design enhancements, settings meta tags, getting inbound links, pay for banners, server change, improve their products, increase the amount of content and Product descriptions, among many other activities that can take them to the top in the Google results pages.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the results pages of search engines to anticipate competitors who are starting their own campaigns and positioning that may be a threat, so anticipate their actions and find a way to keep the top positions.

Check and correct tracking errors

One of the most common mistakes made by inexperienced SEO webmasters established sites is not sure that the search engines can reach all pages of your site. Published content, information on new products or information you want to deliver to their customers, should be read and indexed by search engines correctly as quickly as possible, otherwise its effectiveness is minimal. Some designers deliver a finished website, but after implemented nobody cares to keep all work related to the positioning order. This may take a long time to pass without some parts of your website appear in the results, which reduces the number of visits that can receive and overall relevance of your page.

Using various tools is possible to determine whether all the contents of a website are indexed properly, and alert if it does not.

Analyze and update sitemaps correctly

Another common mistake, made mostly by "consultants" inexperienced SEO is not alert on changes in the sitemaps, you may be out of date or formatting errors have not even be created. The sitemaps are "maps" for search engines, thus facilitating the positioning of web sites, especially those that are growing or are very new. A good SEO maintenance program should include thorough checking and correction of sitemaps.

Check the number of pages indexed in Google

In case of technical problems with the website, this will be reflected quickly in the results pages. Errors are very common SEO duplicate content within the site, link building campaigns (building inbound links) poorly made or server failures. These errors can cause Google to stop considering your site as important, with the consequent loss of positioning. If there is drastic changes in the number of indexed pages your web page, it is likely that errors lead to a decline in search engine results.

Discard the broken links

Making mistakes is human. Some links are directed to places that are not normal. However, this must be corrected quickly and efficiently, or will become a penalty factor because Google understands the user experience worse to be too many links that do not lead anywhere. The only way is to analyze in detail the links to your website using specialized tools (both to other places on the same page as out), and correct it immediately. 

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