Friday, June 28, 2013

SEO Tutorial

Keyword density seems to be the Search Engine Optimization say that the issue, but in reality the keyword density have little impact in the rankings - but as sub-stack, the pages of the high density of keywords can get a good ranking. And the signal-to-noise ratio of the majority of people will not pay attention to the page now appears touches more and more reasonable.

SEO tutorial not want to be too smart search engine. The crawlers few analog misleading people think spiders crawl the page text only is there no code. In fact, the search engine html tags are very important if a page from many styles of code and not semantic, then the code for the spider became the spam interferes with the decision. That is why Google, W3C Semantic provision has repeatedly stressed the important reasons.

General, html reasonable layout, each set of tags for the text service is not much difference in the proportion doing code and text. If a page about aesthetics placed a tag to go along with css, then the result is that the code has nothing to do with the increasing volume of content, leading search engines analyze the content was serious intervention.

Senior seo should not escape from the frame of conventional seo, pay attention to reasonable match between technology and SEO, code as simple as possible to achieve a balance of content and appearance. Of course, if you are very smart, but also can be used the way it has nothing to do with technology to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the page.

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