Thursday, June 6, 2013

Is it a problem Google Instant For SEO?

Google Instant can become irrelevant techniques used to date that made optimized content website get better rankings in the top results of Google, always talking about Search Engine Optimization.

We now believe with searches and yielding Google instant answers, have managed to never say two people see the same result starting your search as well.

Assumed that the techniques we use SEO specialists to achieve better search engine optimization on your answers stop serving?
The search results are endangered now be shorter and for those who thought that Google actually was leaning towards Long Tails (long tail words) a few months ago, now we do not have as clear, as the instant results will change completely different opinion with the user suggestions.

On the contrary, some believe that "Google Instant" otherwise result, ie the professional SEO specialize to detail and implement new methods to achieve the content being better positioned in this search.

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