Friday, June 21, 2013

The Role Of Search Engines

The web searches have become a necessity and a fundamental part in the life of society. With approximately 500 million searches per day in the world, which gives us an average of 5,500 searches are conducted every second of every day, from this we can get an idea of ​​the importance of search engines today.

Of all these searches Google holds about 80% share of the global search and controls about 4,000 queries per second. This drastic change in the behavior of the user and create the need to increasingly use search engines make searching the network increasingly mandatory, causing dependence and addiction by the user.

Search engines have a huge responsibility to classify content according to the relevance of the site and according to user research, so there is no risk of the convergence of information between the user and the search that the search engines understand.

The mission of search engines

The major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and other often invest heavily in the implementation of new updates to improve always more and more relevance in their searches. Apart from investing in upgrades of their search robots they invest too much in studies on users' responses to their search results. But why search engines are investing so much in improving the relevance of research to meet the search for a user?
For those who do not know nearly 95% of revenue comes from search engines Sponsored searches and clicks, or ads that users pay per click to generate traffic to their websites. Keeping this in view the search engines need to provide a great experience and a search of relevance always better for the user performing a web search, otherwise you'll surely find what you need in another search engine.

Types of research in search engines

The success of any marketing strategy search or Search Engine Optimization is strongly related to your target audience, i.e. if you do not know what your target audience wants to think of creating a strategy for optimizing websites? Their knowledge? Do not think that way, it is not always what we think the user is seeking what he will seek in the search engine. Sometimes there is a correlation, but in SEO this can be a fatal mistake and put all your optimization project to failure.
When we know our target market and how it makes use of search engines are sure to reach about 70% of that audience most effectively.
A very important before you start your SEO project is to understand that there are three types of research.
The first user is the one who is researching to learn something, or better known as information consultation. This user type does not matter for us as it will not generate any conversion rate for our site, but we can not dismiss it, because if he finds a good search content on your website will disseminate that content to other people who may perhaps have an interest in your product or service.

Our only function with this type of user is conquering it with good impressions of your site. Another very important feature for SEO is to use that user to attract links to your content, and finally try to turn those users search for users to purchase.

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