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Google Penguin update supports content-based website optimization webspam should be reduced by the new search algorithm

Every industry has its black sheep - the website search engine optimization. At least this is the official reason for Google's update of its own search algorithm called Penguin that the programmer of the searching group on 24 April this year featured online. Google wants to improve with the update its own search results, but at the same time also set to increase by about webspam optimized websites to defend. The Group thus simultaneously engaged many of the old algorithm optimized websites womb. Because Penguin aims to improve the ranking of sites that offer a real added value for the user. Should be punished, however, such sites that have been just best suited to the search algorithm and provide no real content.

Targeted combination of ranking and good content

Penguin is not to be understood as a frontal attack on any search engine optimization. The consequences for optimized websites from the update depend much more heavily on the strategy they have been optimized. Google itself says that is not opposed to optimizing websites from. On the company's blog to read that one quite sees in the search engine optimization benefits to both the users and the owners of small or unknown sites. The optimization offers the possibility of a creative design of their website to improve the ranking and to operate strategic marketing. However, Google sets up value that is found in a high ranking of a website on this and also good for the user recyclable content. Precisely this combination of content and it's Google ranking with the Penguin update. But what does this mean for SEO?

Sites without content are punished

Penguin directed specifically against what Google as a "black hat webspam" means. Among the company understands those pages that bring no added value to the user. According to the SEO Company UK about 3% of the search results from Germany are affected. An example of an over-optimized, "useless" website, Google also provides the blog. The cited website only consists of keywords that will increase the ranking of the page on Google - the buzzwords but give no coherent text, but are part of a large word salad. Such sites offer is no real added value for the user, but rather represent a kind of empty "shell" represents that is visible on the Google search, but with one player can not do much. Nevertheless, it has been possible to optimize such "empty" sites so that they achieved a high ranking in Google. The operator of this "site-shell" could therefore drive traffic and generate sales.

The Importance Of SEO In Your Internet strategy

The SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, ie refers to techniques to optimize web pages and content we publish, so that search engines understand well its content and the best possible positioning for keywords most interest us. Achieving good SEO is not a simple task, as it involves technical (programming code website, quality of the server that hosts the web, etc...), Design and content. It is a task that must be maintained over time, and that you should keep in mind every time you post new content on your website or in your blog.

Why is SEO important?

People's attention is more focused on a particular area than another. Studies show that when people look at a website focusing on the top left of the screen. The other elements that occur in it, will the more unnoticed, or call attention to a lesser extent the user or user the more down and more to the right is located.

As for the positions of the search results, the first to appear takes more than 60% of clicks. THE 5th - 6th place gets only 5% of the clicks. Although this is slowly changing due to the greater experience of those who use the search engines, which have started to look more results before selecting one in which they clicked.

Obviously if your site is located at the top, get more visitors, and will therefore have greater impact and get better results with it.

However, the result pages of search engines evolve. In recent years, they have gone from being just a list of links, to contain other elements, such as local businesses, images, videos, paid advertisements, news, etc..
Some of these elements are placed before our own search results, so make your page appear in positions below of what appeared previously.

This very competed in searches causes only a few (3-4) appear on this first page.

Basic considerations about SEO

There are no tricks or specific strategies to achieve positioning a website in the top search results.

Currently the programs and algorithms that are used to index the pages have evolved over time to largely avoid the possibilities of deception.

For good SEO, however, is essential:

Proof: does not put a website in the top positions overnight. It is a long, slow process and requires perseverance.
Patience: you need to have patience to see the changes that arise both in the Internet in general, and in your own website. Even if you do everything right, the process is slow, do not give up if you do not see results in the short term.
Unique and original content: content is king, if you just copy files that are generated in other pages, you will not achieve arouse the interest of other pages that link to yours. Google highly values ​​fresh content, updated and is not repeated in many other web pages.

What influences to achieve a good position?

As we said initially, you must understand the SEO as a global strategy, since to achieve good positioning must take into account a number of aspects that work, and you have to work on them all the best.

Some of them you can control them directly to your website, and others depend on factors outside or external to it.

Title page (<title> </ title>): every page of your website should have its own title, and also this should be descriptive of the contents thereof.

Metatags: metatags (or metatags) contain information not visible to the user or wearer, but that search engines can read. There are several meta tags that particularly affect SEO, but the most notable is "description": should contain a text description of the contents of this page. Also this text is used in search results to indicate the content of your website.

Domain name: if the domain of your website affiliated or contains relevant words in the subject dealt with, will help to achieve better positioning.

URL: The URL that give access to different pages of your site should be friendly, and avoid using variables. If also contain keywords, your position will be favored for those keywords.
Headers (hierarchy): the format is used to highlight the titles and subtitles of different content, must be assigned using the header tags (<h1> ... </ h1>, <h2> ... </ h2> , etc.). Furthermore, if these keywords are titles, positioning will also be favored for these.

Contents clean, optimized. Some web publishers, including codes, although not reflected in the presentation that visitors to your site will make "noise" to search engines and indexing difficult. If you use editors to create your content, remember that usually have a feature "clean code" to eliminate these codes superfluous.

Internal linking structure : The contents of the website should be well linked together. There must be a structure consistent links and sublinks. Not include an excessive number of links in the index, since this force subtracted each.

Upload speed: avoid superfluous content that increase the weight of your page and do nothing. Optimize the size of the images, and the rest of the media elements containing them and a good server host it give you good bandwidth because the faster upload your website, will be favored in order to obtain a good position.
Fresh Content: The more frequently you update the content of your website will be visited more frequently by search engine robots, and can achieve better positioning.

Anchor of links: the anchor is the text used to link to the content of your page and should be descriptive of the contents to be accessed by using the link. Not the same a link like this: "click here to see the photo of a hedgehog" that "photo of a hedgehog." In the first example in anchor text is "here" a word that does not give information about the contents of the page that is linked. In the second case, the anchor text itself is defining what we will find once we click on the link.

Popularity of your site: it is mainly achieved by the number of links that exist on other websites pointing to your website (as well as factors affecting the length of your domain name, the presence in social networks and other). Every web site that links to your content, is like a "vote" of confidence in your website, and search engines take this into account.

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The Importance Of Web Hosting In SEO

Among the many elements that Google considers to evaluate a website, most SEO companies are limited to reviewing a few items, like the title, the URL and the keywords they are using. All these elements are important and should be considered for an SEO campaign.

However, one element that receives less attention is the quality of hosting that hosts the website. Since many competitors work in the most known, we can make an important difference in our ranking in Google if we pay attention to where our server.

Some of the most important things to consider in our Search Engine Optimisation strategy and are related to the server are:

Response time: Faster is better. The later a server to display content to the user, but it will be your ranking in Google. The response time depends on the quality of our website (if done in Flash, for example, take much longer to load), the quantity and quality of images we use, the quality of the source code and the very capacity of server respond to users. An oversold server is one of the most common situations in small business web sites: on the same server running too many web sites, and therefore the response is slower.

Configuration errors: A good server setup, beyond the response time to control many details that are vital in fighting for the top spots in Google. Rewriting Urls, redirects, content caching, compression, etc...

Geolocation: Having a geolocated IP address to the country you intend to position our website is important, such as keeping updated the DNS.

Bad neighbors: A shared server can have different themes websites, including some that are considered by Google as harmful or inappropriate.

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Why Search Engine Optimization - SEO So Important For Your Existence On The Web

If a major search engine can not find your site content or there is no use for you are on the Web. This is the main reason why search engine optimization is so important for your web presence. There are four main search engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Ask Jeeves. This is where the majority of Internet traffic is driven.

Have you ever done a search query where there are more than 48 million results. How often will you ever spent a page to find what you are looking for? How often do you always go to page 5 to page 100? When you have content, services, products or information that people are looking for you want to be visible to search engines being in the top rankings. About 91% of Internet users use a search engine to search on the Internet for content. Using Search Engine Optimization will rank you higher in the search results and will certainly attract more visitors prospects / customers to your website.

Using Search Engine Optimization is becoming increasingly vital for existence of websites on the Internet. There are about 3.5 billion websites competing for the top spots and of course only a small percentage of these will reach the first page or top positions. Along with these statistics, it is said that some 87% of all visitors to choose sites on the front page. When someone uses a search query, the exact words by a user in a search box, you want to ensure that you rank at or near the top, preferably on the first page. Why would you settle for less.

For not using search engine optimization these days is equivalent to not be on the web at all. As I mentioned in a previous article "What Is Search Engine Optimization" can be considerably overwhelming. I'll do a series of articles on various aspects of the optimization of search engines and what helps me to rank in the top positions. I inevitably start with the content. Good content is the basis for Search Engine Optimization.

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Get Your Site On Search Engines

You have created a website and want to make it visible to other users.
For that you have to promote yourself with the search engines and / or directories: it is referencing.

See our tips for optimizing your listing and your visibility in search engines by applying some simple rules to the content of your pages, and the methods of Search Engine Optimisation...
Optimize your site for search engines.
Get your site on search engines.
Get your site listed in a directory.
Optimize your site for search engines.

When a user performs a search, the index is queried automatically. The engine then uses a series of mathematical algorithms to rank the site based on relevance criteria:
Internal pages: Here, instead, density and shape of the keywords in the title page, title page and the url.

The names of the urls can prevent search engines from indexing the pages, especially when these links contain settings or exotic characters. It should be as simple as possible by limiting the url if possible size (<256 characters), with certain parameters in directory names and separating words with hyphens.

The key elements that will guide the "robots" when referencing your site hidden in the code "HTML" on the home page of your site. You'll need a "HTML editor" to view it.
In this code "HTML", you will find a section called the header defined by the tags and.
It is between these two tags that you have the opportunity to influence the ranking of your site, indicating the keywords.

The elements generally considered by the robots to reference a site are:
The title of your page: in the HTML code of your homepage, the title is the text between.
Avoid empty words in the title, such as "Welcome .... ".
the address of your site is also used to reference your site. So when you create your page remember to give it a meaningful name to the theme you want to address.
the description of your site: You can provide a description of the site content (maximum 195 characters) that appears on the search engines.

Always between two and tags and add the code:
The keywords of your site: this tag is used to define which search will find your site. This is the least important result of abuse of use.
Insert key words often used. The keywords must be separated by commas. Space is limited to 90 characters, so it is best to focus on target keywords.

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SEO Tactics For A Good SEO Rankings

Social Bookmarking (bookmarks or favorites)
It is a method quite unique because it combines Link Building and social media into one. Social Bookmarking has been created as a service for people to use wherever they are. Basically, in these sites, you can save your favorite for reference or to read the latest web pages. Yes, this feature is already built into browsers. But what if you're traveling and you do not use the same computer every time? What if your computer crashes? Social Bookmarking the site give you the ability to save your favorite web pages and access them wherever you are, regardless of the computer you are using.

So how does this help in optimizing search engine works? The answer is quite simple actually. To save web pages in social bookmarking sites, you enter the URL in them. It is then placed in your profile page or wall along all other pages that you have saved, and there you have instant links.

Another great thing about social bookmarking is that it is social. This means that you can add friends to the site and you can share your list of favorite web pages with them, as Facebook and Twitter, which can spread easily, giving you a large number of links to your website.

However, there are limits to the use of Social Bookmarking. Just like article submission and directory submission, you can not post any link. If the link you are trying to post contains adult material or inappropriate content, then it will be removed later and your profile might be banned. So be sure not to do.
Social Bookmarking is a great way to spread links. It uses the power of social media to help build links.

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SEO: Optimization Criteria

The SEO is a mixture of technology and know-how.
The knowledge is acquired through experience. The SEO of each site must be understood differently depending on its typology of what it offers, its business...

The technique, even if it evolves with changes in search engine algorithms can be divided into three categories:
*The choice of keywords to optimize SEO and targeting your future audience.
*On-page criteria to maximize the "quality" and "relevance" of your site.
*Off-page criteria to optimize the "popularity" of your site.

Make a detailed study of the key to use in his words Search Engine Optimisation strategy is to ensure the positioning of the site on the Internet looking for phrases. It is also sure not to forget interesting and highly targeted phrases.

On-Page Criteria
The criteria on-page (or on-Site SEO) will help increase the "quality" and "relevance" of your site. "Quality" and "relevance" of your content are key factors taken into account by search engines to position your site. The optimization of these criteria will pass, of course by writing and optimizing content. But it will also facilitate the reading of all of your content to search engines: make the content accessible.

Main criteria is-pages (non-exhaustive list)
*Optimize menu tree
*Optimizing page load time
*Optimize the semantic structure of your content: Using Hx tags
*Optimize URLs pages
*Maintain a good proportion code / text
*Write quality content, unique and informative
*Write content using smart keywords (Definition of keyword density)
*Use synonyms expressions used
*Alternating formatting expressions (normal, bold, italic, underline)
*Insert keywords in the ALT tags of the images
*Optimize the Meta-Tags page
*Optimize internal mesh Site: contextual links, keywords link...
*Refresh Site
*Optimize the bounce rate (visitors spend much time on your site and they visit many     pages)

The Off-Page Criteria
The off-page criteria (or off-Site SEO) concern either your site and its content, but its environment. The goal is to raise another important factor taken into account by search engines: the "popularity" of a site. The principle is: the more you talk of a site must be more worthwhile.

Off-Page Main Criteria (Non-Exhaustive List):
*Getting the most links to your site (backlinks)
*Contextualize backlinks
*Continuously improve the ranking of the site (PageRank)
*Develop a strategy linkbaiting (as bloggers / sites talk about you naturally without using them) to increase backlinks
*Strengthen its presence in social networks
*E-work its reputation

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Directories, Utility Use And Implementation

Directories Importance And Function

This is a topic that will not stop to flow of ink because it is difficult to form an idea of ​​the pros and cons of the benefit of its reference site in the Internet directories. These directories are many, many, many and many of them have one thing in common, their content is not very diverse.
I think this is added the fact that it is rare to find a clean directory editorial content, as well as the fact that the pages of these sites contain nothing more than a series of links often not very relevant, bringing many SEOs to say that these directories have no interest in the SEO and the weight of a link directory will bring nothing good for your SEO Services.
Also, try to determine the positive aspects that you can remove.

Interest For Submission To A Directory

To determine whether or not you should take the time to submit your site to directories, I brought you some tips that put end to end, you will get some links to increase your popularity in the eyes of engines.

To determine the quality of links to a directory Take a little time to judge the interest of your submission and look at these few pointers:
*The page rank of the directory, a good page rank is a start to judge the interest that bears the owner of the directory to popularize his tool.

*Copy and paste the URL of the field in which you want to submit your site, it may be that this URL is not even known search engines, in this case the interest is void if you do not think that the presence at least you can make users of the site in question.

*Watching the numbers of sites submitted and the quality of the choice of this site in the index directory, do you want to be mélé these sites?

*View page code and check that the links are pointing to your site are hard links, not redirection redirection Type 302, no follow, or other factors blocking javascript.

*Watching the descriptive content of the sites submitted and verify that the content is relevant to that you intend to submit, if this is the case the relevance of the page you certainly bring a bonus.

*The book he asks a backlink and what is the return type requested link, it does not it affect the graphics quality of your site, if the requested link might take up too much space or does not fit in your graphic, it really worth the shot linger on this directory?

When you see this non-exhaustive checklist for whether or not you have interest to use a directory rather than another, do not fear Take the checks are quickly and after a few dozen submissions you will certainly go much faster than in your first test. However, take the time to familiarize yourself with such inspections as have the basics to ensure a qualitative ranking for a site that you want to live for a long time and want performance after some time.

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Google Panda And Penguin

Reflections of the fight against the engine poor quality sites that invade its results, updates Google Panda and Google Penguin days have marked Search Engine Optimization in 2011 and 2012.
Deployed overseas for the first time in late February 2011, Google Panda was originally described as an update to penalize content farms. If the algorithm was indeed poor quality sites, it has proved much more complex, other players who could suffer as price comparison sites such. E-commerce, however, did not appear to be particularly targeted.

A list of official matters can know if a site can feel targeted by Google Panda, or at least to know the practices qu'aimerait punish Google with its algorithm. The content, duplicated or stuffed with spelling mistakes for example, appears to be crucial, but other criteria may also enter into play. Google does not obviously reveal all.

Today, however SEOs know that Google Panda is actually a filter with the engine "refresh" the data and deploys regularly, possibly allowing penalized sites to lift their sanctions.

After being "tested" and strengthened the United States, Google Panda was first shaken the European web extending the English versions of the engine before being deployed in France on August 11, in the middle of summer holidays summer and just before the long weekend of August 15 ...

The frequency of deployments filter was then varied and appears to have accelerated between 2011 and 2012, although the extent of the damage seems a bit lost in intensity with time. Thus, in 2011 counted nine deployments of Google Panda, only four in France, although some of these updates have had severe impacts in France. 2012 has counted more with April or June specifically charged with two updates to Google Panda in the space of a few days, not counting deployment, sometimes almost concomitant Google Penguin, or other updates the algorithm projecting day (or even lower).

Mid-March 2013, Matt Cutts announced that Google Panda would now be integrated into the ongoing updates of the algorithm. The filter will no longer be deployed manually, and Google will not be able to confirm the official date for Deployment.

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Google Panda Understand And Act

What is Google Panda?

This is an update of the Google algorithm to limit the proliferation of spam on the Internet.

For some, it is synonymous with the web back to "old-fashioned" sites is primarily for users and then to the engine, and not the reverse.

How did we get here?

Sites are growing by the hundreds every day and in parallel there are more and more users
So for a site provides maximum traffic (and therefore maximum benefit), many have not hesitated to use very questionable methods.

Among them we find the "content farms", sites generated automatically with text signifying nothing. But the links point to sites to climb the Google results.
Second target, content aggregators: sites repeating the early picks right items left after that is to read about the real site by clicking on a link. With this system you can create a site without ever writing.

Panda aims to reduce the number of these low-quality sites, so as to reappear sites with original content, which is very important for the user. Indeed Google's policy is user-oriented, but not selflessly course. Lead the user to obtain the information they seek encourages them to return. If he is faced with irrelevant results that could damage the image of the engine and therefore does not encourage clicks on advertisers.

New in the update

- Social aspects: To establish the "quality" of content Google will rely on echoes that will return all the users browser chrome.

- With Panda, a new kind of penalty will be implemented (weaker than the sandbox) and nobody in them can get away manually. You will not leave if you correct yourself the disadvantageous factors. The algorithm revert to your site, see the changes made in the right direction and will account for the remainder.

- It is announced that with Panda, sites with low PageRank are less crawlés to fight against another method of spam: the ratio of pages of a site. Some sites has more than 100,000 pages and place it on various expressions but if these sites have low Pagerank Googlebot will find more deep links.
After the introduction of Panda in the United States, the product comparisons are lost up to 99% of their traffic.

Panda is a new indicator of quality websites, but this time scoring available. It uses new signals that may indicate how interagisses users with the site and incorporates new factor in determining the quality of a website. It is important that webmasters are aware that the poorly written content, sloppy or copied from another site can affect the classification of the entire site and completely uninterested visitors. We could also see an impact on sites with a lot of advertising, which is unpleasant for the visitor.

All this leads us to believe that this really love to get to Google, we have to turn its attention to its content. Make sites more effective and user oriented. We offer audits Search Engine Optimization for your site.

Panda is not a return to zero, but the addition of new rating criteria among the 200 already used by Google.

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