Sunday, June 9, 2013

SEO Problems

A few years since I am in the world of Search Engine Optimization and how everyone in this area, my learning and development has been through experience, reading blogs, articles and talking with colleagues, of course I have taken specialized courses and certifications but to be honest this seems to be the only way to learn about SEO as this subject hardly taught in school or college in Mexico and in many other places.

I think the possibility that the internet has provided called 2.0 has contributed to finding ourselves in a minefield, just enough to go digging on the internet and take a look at some of the blogs and communities dedicated to SEO where we find a large collection of Articles with false or unclear that can be misinterpreted and gives newcomers to the industry the wrong message and subsequently transmitted to clients by taking them to lose a lot of money and creating a bad impression of our industry.

There are also sites that offer spam worthless titles like "Search Engine Ambassador" things how are you can lead a company to hire the service of "qualified company or individual" rather than a genuine professional can really help them meet their expectations and get results.

In some media on the occasion will give people the wrong impression of what we actually do and can encourage many companies do not have confidence and fleeing the SEO.

After all, what's done is done and I think it will continue to fall into a vicious circle where the SEO novice reads a blog post with incorrect information, starts working for a customer, the customer is penalized or not see results, they complaint to the media and / or public spaces and the SEO industry returns to be affected.

The other big problem is that there are no rules or regulations in our industry, many SEO's what they do at most is to choose to follow the guidelines of Google and not risking the most important search engine penalties.

As there is no regulation many agencies "which they say" is dedicated to internet marketing have been created by people with little or no experience, a few months ago I had a phone conversation with someone besides offering SEO Services taught courses at be talking with him exposed me how easy and fast it is building links and becoming 1st in search engine results. These people really annoy me! why generate a total embarrassment customers and companies creating in erroneous expectations see results in the short term, executing actions outside the best practice to get to do this momentarily.

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