Monday, June 10, 2013

SEO, Social Media And Content: The Most Desired Marketing By Brands

The visibility for brands is not enough. Today's world requires maintaining a strong and diverse, making the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and traditional local social networks and online content marketing services are most in demand this year, according to data revealed SEO.

According to this study the technique SEO marketing is the most time is spent and more is used in online marketing worldwide. 23.9% of online marketers spend half of their time SEO techniques, whereas only 7.8% spend a similar time to social media marketing and 6.3% in content marketing. Yes, there is an important part of the professional who spends time at three every day.

By category, more than half of marketers SEO techniques practiced every day, and almost half done social media marketing activities every day. In addition, 23.7% develop your content marketing strategy every day. The rest, 20%, carries out one or more of these activities two to four times a week.

Both techniques SEO and social media marketing and content creation sit hard on the production and distribution of content, written and visual. In fact, two out of three online marketers generate small-format active as blog posts, social media updates, articles and guides. And all these elements, in turn, are used to develop SEO strategies, social media and content.

Below these formats, which are the most popular, advertisers also use images (38.2%), videos (35.9%) and computer graphics (25.7%). Items that are particularly important when it comes to content marketing. In fact, 66% of marketers use You Tube videos for content marketing, while only 49.1% use it for SEO. In fact, sites like Video &  Flickr are mostly used for content marketing.

On the other hand, the use of photo and video platforms for social media marketing is still relatively low compared to platforms like Twitter and Facebook that allow the integration of these contents. In fact, while 48.9% of advertisers using You Tube and Pinterest 20.6%, 82.7% are using Twitter and Facebook 87.7%.

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