Saturday, July 27, 2013

Why SEO and Google Page Rank are killing.

Google came to market with a visual search engine for clean, cleaner, but with much more interesting results. Over time, the company has been improving its system, always seeking to provide better results in their research. It was from this need that arose Page Rank, a system that, according to the company, helps to better filter the millions of existing sites.

With this tool, which is not disclosed exactly how it works, the Google to the top of search sites, leaving behind many competitors like Yahoo. Today Google has over 90% market share of the search market, reigning almost absolute within the millions of daily searches.
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All this power acquired through the years, to the point which is now dominating the market, Google has attracted the interest of many people and it is not for nothing that your advertising program, AdWords, works so well. The high number of searches also attracted businesses to the seeker, made people realize the importance of being on Google. Have you ever heard someone say, "If it is not on Google does not exist!"?

This "need" to be on the first page has spurred many professionals concerned about leaving the sites well positioned, making room for the profession of SEO, the "search engine optimizers".

Over time this profession began to gain more and more power and today is even greater. The concern with Best SEO Services has become common for companies that invest in websites.

Now that you understand what SEO is let's talking about the results that Google has been able gradually to your Page Rank.

There are some searches you do on the internet today that several companies have already bought space. The other few places left in the top of the list are generally companies that paid dearly to use various SEO techniques (some even "illegal") to be there in front of so many other results.

What makes us think this is the following, is that Google is helping us find what we seek and find those who are investing more to be there? This is a question that has been much discussed by those who work with SEO and Google itself has said worrying about "spam" in the search results, has warned that it is constantly working on system to make the search even more objective.

As we have said before, the Page Rank formula was never open, never have certainty how it finds and suggests the results. Probably also the company is in constant change, which makes it even harder for those who want to discover the secret formula of Google searches.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Know what SEO is: Techniques can highlight your website in Google

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The word means Optimization for Search Engines. In practice, it means using SEO techniques to improve your website's position in Google (the largest search engine internet) and make the page has more visibility.

There are dozens of techniques to make a website better position in search engines. Are actions that visitors do not realize, but that Google takes into account when deciding which site appears on the first page of searches? The shares may be made within the site or elsewhere. It's called on-page SEO (site) or off-page (off-site).

An example of practical SEO done within a site is to mark with bold the most important words of your text (this practice will cause Google highlight your site by the time someone searches the word). Create external links to your site (i.e., put the link in other places on the Internet) is an example of the practice of off page SEO done.

See examples of other techniques that will help your site to Google

1 - Think about the keywords that you want to strengthen in Google (at most three simple words-five composite). Example: in a blog about cats, you should use related words such as "cats" and "Kitten".

2 - Create a proper name for your site (which has the main keyword). And that's cool.

3 - Think of content already focusing on the right keywords. Example: instead of writing a title "as I feed the Zuzu" think "as I feed the cat Zuzu".

4 - Thinking about how people search for content in Google (example: using the terms "how" or "what is") and apply the titles and subtitles of your text.

5 - Create partnerships with sites similar to yours. This will ensure quality external links.

SEO: do so in moderation

Now that you have discovered what is SEO (and even some techniques to improve its position in Google) can already putting out bold throughout the text and spreading your links around. Right? Very wrong. SEO techniques can greatly help improve the position of a website in Google, but must be applied with discretion and moderation.

Sites that abuse of optimization techniques (and often leave quality aside) are punished with loss positions in Google or even excluding the seeker. So do not even try to abuse just one of these techniques (such as the bold, for example).

The ideal is to build a page using various techniques (ranging from the choice of the name spread far), but not forgetting the main thing: make your site a place of interest.

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SEO Consulting - for their success on the Internet

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of the most effective forms of advertising for the marketing of products and services on the Internet. More than 80% of users use the Internet and search for product and price comparison, research or direct purchase from online stores - are usually found only those having visibility and are represented in the top places of the search engines!

Successful SEO through targeted marketing activities of our agency

In the context of search engine optimization (SEO) we offer you as a Best SEO Company a balanced mix of marketing activities, which are precisely matched to the orientation of their business and further development. We place great importance on individual concepts and professional advice to clients.

Sustainable SEO strategies for their business

In search engine optimization (SEO), the goal is to engage with different analyzes and thoughtful SEO Concept on the front seats of the search engines. It is particularly important that relevant keywords are found and matched to the key elements of search engine optimization. These include not only the on-page and off page optimization, but also continuous self-monitoring, market intelligence and rapid reaction capability. In addition, we are concerned about design and content of each web page readability for search engines (crawler) and usability (usability) to optimize for visitors.

What is meant by (n) also woman under SEO consultancy?

SEO consulting is in principle nothing else than that you get good advice for how to make website in search engines, usually at Google, in the normal search results placed, or how to get a top Google ranking and a top ranking on Google achieved or how to care for it to be better found on Google.

This advice will either pass directly to the customer or implement SEO for him.

Now you want in the search results on Google all the way up, then you have to consider some points. This starts with the selection of the domain names, and stretches to the production of regular and interesting content on their website back.

Please keep in mind on this issue, the complexity of optimization measures ... Link building, on-site optimization, off-site optimization, search engine optimization, link building, online marketing and also online reputation management.

SEO advice and success on the Internet

This domain name (URL) itself is only one of many factors that are important today in the optimization of websites. Who wants to be successful on the Internet, the need also definitely much and unique content, which are usually "good writing" and also pictures. However, it makes little sense if one adjusts to any cheap copywriter / who have no idea about the topic of SEO. Save to another location...

Finally, the own customers want to have information that really say something. Websites with good content are also fast and well placed by Google. Google rewards happen to those who try hard.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SEO Analyst: Profession of the Future or Present?

The professional market connected to the Internet experiences a period of opportunity. Factors such as the popularization of network access and increased purchasing power caused a huge portion of the population spent using the Internet in recent years.

In sectors where growth is more generous, always comes the challenge of finding the most qualified professionals for positions. With the digital segment is no different. And one of the professions that the market has gone over internet looking for is Search Engine Optimization Analyst.

With the growth of internet in the country, also grows the need to hire specialized manpower to leverage the positioning of websites in search results. Expert in the techniques of optimization, SEO Analyst is also a key part within the digital marketing strategy of the brand, and there are places available in companies and specialized agencies just waiting for a qualified professional to fill.

So invite some SEO analysts and entrepreneurs in the digital market to find out which features are most valued by the market. How do they do to keep us updated and seeking professionals who are hiring? Besides the requirement of technical knowledge, some other requirements may make the difference for those seeking to become an SEO Analyst.

Today I will talk about SEO Analyst, who along with Social Media Analyst, are the professions most commented at the time.

The Analyst SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works with the improvement of sites for it to reach a great placement in the search engines (without advertising) by enhancing the meta-tags and even for a general overhaul of the site.

Who is interested in this area, companies hire those who know HTML and CSS, has a great essay, known as Web 2.0, social media, tableless, Google Analytics and English. There is a degree specific to this profession, companies hire even who has only a high school education, but give preference to who attends / attended Marketing or any area of Information Technology.

The job offers are scattered by medium-sized and large companies, developing web sites and there is the interesting possibility of working with consulting, because in most cases you do not need a large staff to make changes to a website.

The market is eager for professionals with qualifications for area but not find them. The trick is not to take to begin studies in the area, the greater the delay, the higher the competition.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Most Recent Tips SEO Company That All Should Apply

Easy access to a website by a sailor, but search engines makes it much easier to walk in these when searching for a specific content or website.

Every day there are millions of searches on different search engines available on the Internet. Many of these people who go in search of something may be looking for exactly what you have. Therefore, the Best SEO Services is extremely relevant, is a tool that will allow you to benefit and with this, your online business can be significantly improved. Always keep in mind that if your site is positioned, the person who is doing a search and can not find your website, you will find your company competitive. Thinking this is important to start researching how to be well positioned, because thanks to these strategies can make contact with customers.

Search engine optimization is the use of various techniques within your site and out of this to make place you in the top positions of specific search engine results. Make position a website is an art and takes time and effort, but when it is done, you can get incredible long-term benefits with regard to increased traffic flow and have daily visits your page.

But, let the concrete. How to improve SEO on your website or blog. The answer to this question is that you use seo techniques from your site and out of this (links to other sites, page rank, etc.)

There are several tips you can implement to your website occupy the top positions and improve SEO.

The first is paying through Google Adwords, yahoo, or other: This is a good strategy for visits to your site more and more specific. It basically consists of paying because they advertise your site on other sites and / or searches. It is a type of advertising whereby the advertiser (in this case you), you pay a specific amount of money each time a user enters your site through these ads. They are a very good alternative for visits to your site increase significantly.
The second way to get a better positioning of your site is following some of the natural positioning techniques (SEO).

Some of these techniques are:

Presence of your social networking site to increase visits (twitter, facebook)
Presence in major social bookmarking
Make your website is attractive, clear, organized and structured in a map, and update it frequently.
Choosing appropriate keywords, you have consistency with the content of your website and not to exaggerate with these same.
Make a link building naturally.
Using effective web marketing strategies.

By investing in the use of techniques to optimize your website and achieve better website ranking in the search engines, are betting on a sure thing with regard to getting the best results on your site in the short and long term.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Why Hire an SEO Expert?

We are in a time when not enough that our businesses have a presence on the Internet, it is also essential to optimum online image positioned in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc...) Is why it is important to have a SEO expert?

What is an SEO expert?
Talk to an expert SEO (Search Engine Optimization or optimization for search engines) is talking about a professional specializing in search engine optimization, is in charge of giving the website your business a suitable location within the search engines through the use of keywords related to your business.

Individuals suitable for this position are usually programmers, engineers or computer technicians but also cover these profile designers, mathematicians, librarians, and anyone with much knowledge about web development.

What are its functions?
Give visibility to your business website in the search engines naturally.
Making improvements to the information architecture.
Create content appropriate to the category of your business.
Generate relevant traffic to your website.
Provide information on progress related to the status of your website on search engines.

What is importance of SEO expert?
The importance of the work of the SEO expert is the possibility of publicizing your business using tools that give relevance to your website in the search engines. The SEO expert will give your company the opportunity to be on the leading positions of the search results and last over time.

The constant evolution of the Internet involves SEO is also why the experts in the field will have to adapt to the constant changes that occur in the search rankings using strategies that give your business visibility on the web.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

SEO Introduction to Business

Bringing users to the Web site can be done in many ways like a post in the press, on billboards, radio, etc., but there is no doubt that in most online activities and most of the traffic will come from search engines on the Internet, and of course Google is the most important and significant of all.

Bringing traffic to Web search engine Google, you get two main sources: fee (Adword) or fee (Organic). Bringing unpaid traffic from search engines is generated by high-performance search relevant website search engine.

And asked the million dollar question - How do you make Google search engine rank us high for relevant keywords for new business? Or in other words how to do SEO?

Organic SEO
Search Engine Optimization and search engine especially Google is not an exact science and the work is long and demanding a lot of patience and perseverance. Google publishes many articles and instructions on Organic SEO and how to do it right. But all the explanations and guidelines are a recommendation with endless options exercised and the work was done by trial and error.

Google has a large number of criteria which he weighs the algorithm which is confidential and is constantly changing - an algorithm which is actually a strength and uniqueness of the search engine.

Web Site Content
The first step in a search engine is Indus site, which means - Google scans web pages and photographing the contents. Photo web pages as they are kept in the search engine can be seen by pressing the search bar:
Cache page address:

When Google crawls the Web page is trying to simulate a person reading the same page, and gives the emphases accordingly. Therefore of great importance in determining the page title, content titles, emphasis and relative amount of performance relevant keywords accordingly. Note that if Google finds it illogical values ​​may invalidate the page and mark it as spam!

In addition, it is important to be original page content is relevant and qualitative aspects that even if subjects by Google. Should be noted that pages are copied or duplicated deliberately "punished" by Google!
More information for duplicate or duplicate pages article about canonical URLs

Website content writing guidelines which not only will be good for Google, he claimed, they will bring targeted audiences to go where they will find what they want and content site for browsing arouse interest. Therefore, one of the first marketing activities in terms of SEO that need to be done, is keyword research - which words and phrases that will bring us the browsing audience quality and most relevant.

Selecting appropriate words or phrases most can be done using the statistics of the site itself and also by examining the search engine competition. In addition Google itself provides quite a bit of data by displaying multiple instances of the phrase in any search, and Webmaster tools and analytics you can see the number of searches of those expressions entire chain.

Another tool called Google Trend can give information about the number of searches as a function of time.

All these tools that will help you so you can make the decision which search phrases are the most common and most efficient for promoting a website.