Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The SEO, it is an acronym for "Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization)" or "search engine optimization suppliers (Search Engine Optimizer)" of. The decision to use the Seo firm, on the other hand that may lead to saving of time and improvement of the site, is a serious decision, which is also get it be impaired credit of operators and site. Please be sure to consider the benefits of using the Seo firm, the possibility that the site harmed by irresponsible Seo firm.

The search results page of Google, it will be displayed in addition to the regular search results, (shown as "sponsored links") paid advertising often. It does not affect the display method of the site in search results by posting ads to Google. In Google, without any way to receive the money in relation to the improvement of ranking and display of the search results, is no cost for display to the regular search results.

While useful service is provided by Seo firm, attempt to tampering advertising and aggressive and very by Seo firm unethical some, the search results of search engines have undermined trust in the industry was. You may also act in violation of the guidelines of Google has a negative impact on the presentation of the site on Google, will lead to removal from the Google index in some cases. Please note the following:

One of the frauds general, using an incorrect redirect, is the creation of shadow domains to focus on one site the user. There are many cases Seo firm that they are acting on behalf of the customer's business owns the shadow domain. Trader like this, relationships with customers is no longer good once, you may want to link to the domain of competitors and another site that domain. As this occurs, the customer, you will have developed a competing site that Seo firm are owned by paying money.

In addition, there is also fraud to install a doorway pages that contain large amounts of keyword somewhere at the customer site. SEO skilled in the art, and claims to be the page that is associated with that keyword more by doing this. However, since the possibility that the individual pages are associated with all of the wide range keyword is low, this is incorrect in nature. There also is more insidious case; hidden links to other customers of Seo firm is included in the induction of these pages. Doorway pages like this will reduce the link popularity gradually. In addition, there is the customer and other Seo firm, links to sites that contain offensive content or illegal content is included in some cases the induction page.

Google does not provide any sales ranking of search results, depending on the search engine, there is also a place that combines the display pay-per to the search results and pay-per-click, a web search results normal. Some Seo firm, while promised to the upper display of the search engine, rather than the search results, there are skilled in the art to which the inclusion of sites in the advertising section. Also, depending on the supplier, you might want to be illusion to be able to select the display order of the site free to control the other search engines, and to vary the price in real time. 

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