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Advantages Of The Service Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Today it is not enough to have only the site of your company on the internet, you need to be found amongst the millions and millions of existing sites and as we shall see, the way it used to be found through search engines. The website optimization for search engines gives you this possibility: to be easily found by your target audience.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
The SEO is the set of strategies and actions on the website on the internet in order to improve the visibility and positioning of your business within the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

The search engines want to give the visitor the best outcome for what he is looking for, and it takes into account internal factors of the site (e.g. content, images, coding and site structure) as well as external factors (e.g. links other relevant sites, quotes on social networks).

Our task is to work with these factors so that your site is relevant not only for the search engines, but also for users who access your website, and generate more business for your company through the internet.

What are the advantages of the service Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Increased visits

With good placement on keywords relevant to the subject of your site, users tend to find it more easily, generating qualified traffic visits;

More likely to reach the target audience
In SEO Services UK always think on how to increase your visibility in searches that reach users who are actually interested in what you offer;

Measurement data
Unlike offline actions, where it is difficult to measure the results, the SEO service can raise the important data on the visits on the site through Google Analytics custom reports;

Increase in business over the internet
Possessing a qualified traffic visits combined with a pleasant interface of your site, the chances of a visitor make a good business increase. Whether your goal is a sale, a contact, or an inscription, will plan all the SEO work thinking about making your business grow and profit from the web.

How it works
We perform SEO work according the purpose and needs of each client, outlining strategies to achieve their goals. Also, we have monthly meetings to present the work, inform new strategies and follow up with the customer project evolution.

Below you can check out the basic steps of an SEO project Advanced. Are analyzes that guide us to more specific actions and tasks required to be performed at each project:

Site Analysis
Raise the current state of the site, analyzing the same in many respects (current hits, Google indexing, coding, usability, etc..) And listing the strengths and weaknesses for the optimization process. It is at this stage that will be given suggestions for improvements to the site.

Competitive Analysis
With competitive analysis, identify the weaknesses that we can exploit the optimization process, like its competitors work with online communication and how we can differentiate ourselves in this scenario.

Definition of top keywords
We identify the best keywords according to their relevance and amount of monthly searches. With the keywords defined and approved by the client, the optimization process is started.

On-page optimization
The on-page optimization consists of techniques for internal site (optimization of titles and meta description tags of the pages, friendly url, content, coding, etc.), Aimed at increasing its relevance in relation to search engines, so they get better interpret its content.

Off-page optimization
The off-page optimization consists of techniques taken off the site to publicize it and make it have more relevance in the web, in other words, we seek to increase their digital presence and reputation through external links pointing to your site. Perform a work of Link Building, which consists of a set of techniques to obtain these links. In this process we work with dissemination through social bookmarkks, social networks, blogs, forums, directories, always looking for the ultimate goal: the conquest of relevant links.

The website content makes all the difference in an SEO project. We seek to constantly review and evolve the website content to align with the needs of your audience, always based on the keywords strategic project. Also, do external dissemination of content to work Link Building.

Monthly Reports

Provide monthly reports so you can track the results of optimization. The report contains the positioning of your website in major search engines, number of visits and other information according to your goals with the SEO project.

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