Thursday, June 27, 2013

How To Position A Website?

The creation of hundreds of thousands of web sites to date implies that the mere presence in the network is not enough. Today, in addition to a website on the Internet, you need to publicize it and make it visible.

Served very little effort involved in creating a website if no one knows that this space exists. Visibility is the key; this is achieved through an SEO strategy.

To carry it out we can use several methods to pursue the same goal by different routes. The main techniques are based on Search Engine Optimisation Services and Search Engine Marketing; see what each one of them.

SEO and SEM techniques
The aim of both is that when a user makes a search through Google, our website displayed prominently between different search results, either through a location different from the rest, or through appear in the top positions of the different results.

A priority it may seem that both techniques remain many similarities but if we delve into the methods used over and over that are totally different.

Thus, the method aims to give visibility to SEO a website in different search engines, in a natural or organic, through optimization tasks such websites. The SEM method, meanwhile, is the proper administration of sponsored results.

Precisely, the way to get the visibility of a web site is the key because, the fact that a page is positioned through its content and proper management, rather than through a payment, gives greater credibility to user.

Knowing what each technique, in addition to the advantages and disadvantages of the two is fundamental in establishing the positioning strategy of our website.

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