Monday, June 3, 2013

Is It Really Useful To A Website Submission To Directories?

SEO During much has been said that an important part is the site submission to directories. Since it helps to increase the visibility of the site and also serves as a useful way to get those links as necessary.

But let's talk about the value of these directories, since it will determine the value of the links obtained. Chief Engineer Matt Cutts of Google said that Google currently does not take into account any directory. Much less a directory that does not bother to check every site that includes in its pages. So also we as SEO professionals must examine each directory to which we subscribe our site to make sure that truth will be a contribution to the positioning of the site.

A useful parameter is a directory to check if it appears in Google search results. Also check what kind of sites listed in the directory and their page rank scores, because if only appear on sites with page rank, this means that there is a directory of high quality, and perhaps not worth signing. However if strong sites, large and high page rank are listed in the directory as the directory is probably good. In general it is advisable to submit your site to professional rates that are focused in one area and not in indexes that offer wide variety of topics. For example, it is better to submit your website on Search Engine Optimisation to an index of Internet areas to enroll index that are also photographers and videos.

We recommend checking directory categories to know that are not empty and existing registered sites. If there are many empty sections this may be because the directory is of poor quality or it is a new directory. And it may not be such a bad idea to join a new directory, you never know how good result over time.

The buy the subscription to our site a lot of directories at once, as some vendors now sell, not a good option because search engines can even penalize a site for providing a huge amount of links to directories a short time. This is best done manually and reliable directories.

Some helpful tips for subscribing to your site to directories

1.-To subscribe to the directories that if I give you that extra stability and links should make sure that your site is under construction or repair at any section and that all links work properly. Since most good directories reject construction sites, or do not fulfill their duties.

2.-Always remember to read the fine print subscription requirements for directory site since in most cases if a site is rejected rembolsan not the money collected.

3.-Always use different descriptions of your site to enroll into multiple directories. Work with multiple versions always trying to offer you a unique version to each directory, even if they are few differences.

4.-If your site can enroll in more than one category in the same directory, we recommend you suggest for the smallest category or fewer links. Since the page rank could be compared to a piece of cake, when most people eat it, the smaller the piece of cake to be received.

You can find a variety of directories by typing in the search engines keyword and the word directory, or type the keyword and the words Add URL.

We hope this information will be useful to submit your site to directories.

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