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The natural position, also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), encompasses a range of techniques and strategies to optimize a website for it to be shown by certain search keywords in the list of search engine results.
The process for applying these optimization techniques correctly is quite complex and the results will be visible in the medium or long term, but really worth it, because through this service allow users to increase the traffic coming to the website of our clients .

As an expert in Search Engine Optimization consultancy conducted an audit and full Web, taking into account technical and not so technical that is essential for the SEO (On Page), which is performed on the page itself, be effective.

While working on the On-Page SEO, of the time devoted to work in the Off-Page SEO, Link Building campaigning that will increase the popularity and number of inbound links to a page.

Web Site Analysis. This section includes the study and improved navigation structure, content structure, Meta Tags (titles, descriptions and keywords), header tags, redirects to avoid duplicate content, optimizing images and videos.

Creating a proper internal links structure, facilitating user navigability visitors and indexing all the pages that make up the Web site by creating as sitemap.xml and robots.txt files
Study of all incoming links to the website of our clients, identifying their popularity and quality in order to do a thorough analysis of competition in the network.

Identifying the most relevant keywords for the business or activity being treated, using research tools to sophisticated market Keywords. The proper use of keywords in links, meta tags, etc... Enable our customers to be shown in the search results.

Avoid using negative impact structures in the natural position.
Making Link Building campaigns in order to get quality links that point to your website from our customers, thereby increasing the popularity of the same.

Management, control and monitoring of the results by using Web analytics tools
Sending monthly reports to our clients to keep them abreast of developments both your website after making the changes and their competitors.

Request your SEO Web Positioning budget without commitment; we will be happy to help you improve the online presence of your business.

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