Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SEO Services

Everyone wants to appear in the top positions of the search engines, but not everyone deserves it. Never has there magic in the search engines and there are no tricks. SEO Company know that to appear on the first search result should be a well executed SEO strategy in the medium and long term.

This is something that can not be bought, no password or user account. All that is needed is a well-organized website, containing genuine and that really adds value to the user to reach the top of the search engines. Climbing to the top is not rookie thing and here where we come in action with our SEO services.

We've been on the net for over a decade, so we are experts in providing SEO services. SEO optimization is a complex and competitive process, which requires a disciplined action plan and changing with the techniques and strategies, so that will help the website to meet the requirements of search engines and outpace its competitors. There have been several changes in the algorithms of search engines and in fact, our SEO engineers make daily adjustments to carry out SEO strategies in every moment and achieve the best positions.

Today, the search results are different. Today we have images, videos, latest tweets and Facebook updates. Now, search engines have become more advanced in the determination and classification criteria for web sites, which at the time, much easier for the user.

Our study begins as soon as the customer signs and put your trust in us. From the beginning we analyze the market segment and we ensure that our plans fit your needs starting with the most basic steps to get to the most complex. We assure to carry it out through an ethical process which was consolidated by years of experience, research and development.

SEO Services are composed by the following process:

1. Your Initial Consulting Company
When you sign a new customer, you will be sent a questionnaire SEO that helps us understand the client's business, its objectives, its market segment and most importantly

2. SEO Strategy Definition
Based on communication, analyze the website, competition and the various factors to select the best keywords. After defining keywords, prepare the reports Web Site Audit SEO linking technical reports.

3. Bootstrap
Off Page activities are carried out based on the keywords to achieve quality links to the website.

4. Continuous Analysis
Periodic analysis of the ever changing search engine algorithm to adjust SEO strategies towards achieving better rankings and more traffic.

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