Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Search Engine Submission and Directory

There are various information regarding the System Search Optimization known as SEO, you probably have already seen a few advertisements in which some companies claim that the solution is to submit your site to thousands and thousands of search engines. This practice is totally useless!

The truth is that a small handful of search engines lead the rest of the result. Through an indexing and ranking highlighted these engines you will be able to reach more than 80% of the visitor traffic on your internet site via search engine.

How does SEO
Before starting an SEO Services project is necessary to identify the goals of the site and what are the results, keywords that the website has to participate.

The work of SEO works on top of some pillars: relevance of code and website content, page structure and links, and the popularity of the site.
The first step is to analyze if the code pages and their contents are relevant, ie, if they are consistent with the site and agree to seek placement for those results.

Made this analysis is also necessary to analyze the overall structure of pages and links.

Popularity is a job that involves a lot of the inside of a site. It is directly linked to the amount of links pointing to your site and the amount of traffic it. This is a job that should be performed with extreme caution, because links on websites that have a totally different content from your site may harm rather than help.
For the development of a good SEO project is necessary to work and develop each of the pillars apart and analyzes them jointly, ie, if the final assembly site is coherent and logical, it will be easily indexed by search engines and consequently, have a good positioning, rankeamento.

The SEO work involves:
      * Survey and analysis of keywords;
      * Analysis and restructuring of the site content so that it becomes more relevant to the title of the page;
      * Analysis and restructuring of HTML;
      * Creation or restructuring of tags among other parts of the code Html Site;
     * Maintenance of technology and monitoring of changes in the parameters of the search engines;
      * Analysis of the link structure of the site;
      * Guidance and monitoring the indexing of pages that will get a position in the natural results.

Optimizing a website is much more than working or html content of the page is to make a personalized consulting work to understand the goals and expectations of the customer to the website optimized to achieve the desired goals.

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