Friday, May 31, 2013

Google Penguin update supports content-based website optimization webspam should be reduced by the new search algorithm

Every industry has its black sheep - the website search engine optimization. At least this is the official reason for Google's update of its own search algorithm called Penguin that the programmer of the searching group on 24 April this year featured online. Google wants to improve with the update its own search results, but at the same time also set to increase by about webspam optimized websites to defend. The Group thus simultaneously engaged many of the old algorithm optimized websites womb. Because Penguin aims to improve the ranking of sites that offer a real added value for the user. Should be punished, however, such sites that have been just best suited to the search algorithm and provide no real content.

Targeted combination of ranking and good content

Penguin is not to be understood as a frontal attack on any search engine optimization. The consequences for optimized websites from the update depend much more heavily on the strategy they have been optimized. Google itself says that is not opposed to optimizing websites from. On the company's blog to read that one quite sees in the search engine optimization benefits to both the users and the owners of small or unknown sites. The optimization offers the possibility of a creative design of their website to improve the ranking and to operate strategic marketing. However, Google sets up value that is found in a high ranking of a website on this and also good for the user recyclable content. Precisely this combination of content and it's Google ranking with the Penguin update. But what does this mean for SEO?

Sites without content are punished

Penguin directed specifically against what Google as a "black hat webspam" means. Among the company understands those pages that bring no added value to the user. According to the SEO Company UK about 3% of the search results from Germany are affected. An example of an over-optimized, "useless" website, Google also provides the blog. The cited website only consists of keywords that will increase the ranking of the page on Google - the buzzwords but give no coherent text, but are part of a large word salad. Such sites offer is no real added value for the user, but rather represent a kind of empty "shell" represents that is visible on the Google search, but with one player can not do much. Nevertheless, it has been possible to optimize such "empty" sites so that they achieved a high ranking in Google. The operator of this "site-shell" could therefore drive traffic and generate sales.

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