Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Google Panda And Penguin

Reflections of the fight against the engine poor quality sites that invade its results, updates Google Panda and Google Penguin days have marked Search Engine Optimization in 2011 and 2012.
Deployed overseas for the first time in late February 2011, Google Panda was originally described as an update to penalize content farms. If the algorithm was indeed poor quality sites, it has proved much more complex, other players who could suffer as price comparison sites such. E-commerce, however, did not appear to be particularly targeted.

A list of official matters can know if a site can feel targeted by Google Panda, or at least to know the practices qu'aimerait punish Google with its algorithm. The content, duplicated or stuffed with spelling mistakes for example, appears to be crucial, but other criteria may also enter into play. Google does not obviously reveal all.

Today, however SEOs know that Google Panda is actually a filter with the engine "refresh" the data and deploys regularly, possibly allowing penalized sites to lift their sanctions.

After being "tested" and strengthened the United States, Google Panda was first shaken the European web extending the English versions of the engine before being deployed in France on August 11, in the middle of summer holidays summer and just before the long weekend of August 15 ...

The frequency of deployments filter was then varied and appears to have accelerated between 2011 and 2012, although the extent of the damage seems a bit lost in intensity with time. Thus, in 2011 counted nine deployments of Google Panda, only four in France, although some of these updates have had severe impacts in France. 2012 has counted more with April or June specifically charged with two updates to Google Panda in the space of a few days, not counting deployment, sometimes almost concomitant Google Penguin, or other updates the algorithm projecting day (or even lower).

Mid-March 2013, Matt Cutts announced that Google Panda would now be integrated into the ongoing updates of the algorithm. The filter will no longer be deployed manually, and Google will not be able to confirm the official date for Deployment.

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