Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Importance Of Web Hosting In SEO

Among the many elements that Google considers to evaluate a website, most SEO companies are limited to reviewing a few items, like the title, the URL and the keywords they are using. All these elements are important and should be considered for an SEO campaign.

However, one element that receives less attention is the quality of hosting that hosts the website. Since many competitors work in the most known, we can make an important difference in our ranking in Google if we pay attention to where our server.

Some of the most important things to consider in our Search Engine Optimisation strategy and are related to the server are:

Response time: Faster is better. The later a server to display content to the user, but it will be your ranking in Google. The response time depends on the quality of our website (if done in Flash, for example, take much longer to load), the quantity and quality of images we use, the quality of the source code and the very capacity of server respond to users. An oversold server is one of the most common situations in small business web sites: on the same server running too many web sites, and therefore the response is slower.

Configuration errors: A good server setup, beyond the response time to control many details that are vital in fighting for the top spots in Google. Rewriting Urls, redirects, content caching, compression, etc...

Geolocation: Having a geolocated IP address to the country you intend to position our website is important, such as keeping updated the DNS.

Bad neighbors: A shared server can have different themes websites, including some that are considered by Google as harmful or inappropriate.

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