Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Directories, Utility Use And Implementation

Directories Importance And Function

This is a topic that will not stop to flow of ink because it is difficult to form an idea of ​​the pros and cons of the benefit of its reference site in the Internet directories. These directories are many, many, many and many of them have one thing in common, their content is not very diverse.
I think this is added the fact that it is rare to find a clean directory editorial content, as well as the fact that the pages of these sites contain nothing more than a series of links often not very relevant, bringing many SEOs to say that these directories have no interest in the SEO and the weight of a link directory will bring nothing good for your SEO Services.
Also, try to determine the positive aspects that you can remove.

Interest For Submission To A Directory

To determine whether or not you should take the time to submit your site to directories, I brought you some tips that put end to end, you will get some links to increase your popularity in the eyes of engines.

To determine the quality of links to a directory Take a little time to judge the interest of your submission and look at these few pointers:
*The page rank of the directory, a good page rank is a start to judge the interest that bears the owner of the directory to popularize his tool.

*Copy and paste the URL of the field in which you want to submit your site, it may be that this URL is not even known search engines, in this case the interest is void if you do not think that the presence at least you can make users of the site in question.

*Watching the numbers of sites submitted and the quality of the choice of this site in the index directory, do you want to be mélé these sites?

*View page code and check that the links are pointing to your site are hard links, not redirection redirection Type 302, no follow, or other factors blocking javascript.

*Watching the descriptive content of the sites submitted and verify that the content is relevant to that you intend to submit, if this is the case the relevance of the page you certainly bring a bonus.

*The book he asks a backlink and what is the return type requested link, it does not it affect the graphics quality of your site, if the requested link might take up too much space or does not fit in your graphic, it really worth the shot linger on this directory?

When you see this non-exhaustive checklist for whether or not you have interest to use a directory rather than another, do not fear Take the checks are quickly and after a few dozen submissions you will certainly go much faster than in your first test. However, take the time to familiarize yourself with such inspections as have the basics to ensure a qualitative ranking for a site that you want to live for a long time and want performance after some time.

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