Monday, May 6, 2013

Google Panda Understand And Act

What is Google Panda?

This is an update of the Google algorithm to limit the proliferation of spam on the Internet.

For some, it is synonymous with the web back to "old-fashioned" sites is primarily for users and then to the engine, and not the reverse.

How did we get here?

Sites are growing by the hundreds every day and in parallel there are more and more users
So for a site provides maximum traffic (and therefore maximum benefit), many have not hesitated to use very questionable methods.

Among them we find the "content farms", sites generated automatically with text signifying nothing. But the links point to sites to climb the Google results.
Second target, content aggregators: sites repeating the early picks right items left after that is to read about the real site by clicking on a link. With this system you can create a site without ever writing.

Panda aims to reduce the number of these low-quality sites, so as to reappear sites with original content, which is very important for the user. Indeed Google's policy is user-oriented, but not selflessly course. Lead the user to obtain the information they seek encourages them to return. If he is faced with irrelevant results that could damage the image of the engine and therefore does not encourage clicks on advertisers.

New in the update

- Social aspects: To establish the "quality" of content Google will rely on echoes that will return all the users browser chrome.

- With Panda, a new kind of penalty will be implemented (weaker than the sandbox) and nobody in them can get away manually. You will not leave if you correct yourself the disadvantageous factors. The algorithm revert to your site, see the changes made in the right direction and will account for the remainder.

- It is announced that with Panda, sites with low PageRank are less crawlés to fight against another method of spam: the ratio of pages of a site. Some sites has more than 100,000 pages and place it on various expressions but if these sites have low Pagerank Googlebot will find more deep links.
After the introduction of Panda in the United States, the product comparisons are lost up to 99% of their traffic.

Panda is a new indicator of quality websites, but this time scoring available. It uses new signals that may indicate how interagisses users with the site and incorporates new factor in determining the quality of a website. It is important that webmasters are aware that the poorly written content, sloppy or copied from another site can affect the classification of the entire site and completely uninterested visitors. We could also see an impact on sites with a lot of advertising, which is unpleasant for the visitor.

All this leads us to believe that this really love to get to Google, we have to turn its attention to its content. Make sites more effective and user oriented. We offer audits Search Engine Optimization for your site.

Panda is not a return to zero, but the addition of new rating criteria among the 200 already used by Google.

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