Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SEO: Optimization Criteria

The SEO is a mixture of technology and know-how.
The knowledge is acquired through experience. The SEO of each site must be understood differently depending on its typology of what it offers, its business...

The technique, even if it evolves with changes in search engine algorithms can be divided into three categories:
*The choice of keywords to optimize SEO and targeting your future audience.
*On-page criteria to maximize the "quality" and "relevance" of your site.
*Off-page criteria to optimize the "popularity" of your site.

Make a detailed study of the key to use in his words Search Engine Optimisation strategy is to ensure the positioning of the site on the Internet looking for phrases. It is also sure not to forget interesting and highly targeted phrases.

On-Page Criteria
The criteria on-page (or on-Site SEO) will help increase the "quality" and "relevance" of your site. "Quality" and "relevance" of your content are key factors taken into account by search engines to position your site. The optimization of these criteria will pass, of course by writing and optimizing content. But it will also facilitate the reading of all of your content to search engines: make the content accessible.

Main criteria is-pages (non-exhaustive list)
*Optimize menu tree
*Optimizing page load time
*Optimize the semantic structure of your content: Using Hx tags
*Optimize URLs pages
*Maintain a good proportion code / text
*Write quality content, unique and informative
*Write content using smart keywords (Definition of keyword density)
*Use synonyms expressions used
*Alternating formatting expressions (normal, bold, italic, underline)
*Insert keywords in the ALT tags of the images
*Optimize the Meta-Tags page
*Optimize internal mesh Site: contextual links, keywords link...
*Refresh Site
*Optimize the bounce rate (visitors spend much time on your site and they visit many     pages)

The Off-Page Criteria
The off-page criteria (or off-Site SEO) concern either your site and its content, but its environment. The goal is to raise another important factor taken into account by search engines: the "popularity" of a site. The principle is: the more you talk of a site must be more worthwhile.

Off-Page Main Criteria (Non-Exhaustive List):
*Getting the most links to your site (backlinks)
*Contextualize backlinks
*Continuously improve the ranking of the site (PageRank)
*Develop a strategy linkbaiting (as bloggers / sites talk about you naturally without using them) to increase backlinks
*Strengthen its presence in social networks
*E-work its reputation

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