Monday, May 13, 2013

Get Your Site On Search Engines

You have created a website and want to make it visible to other users.
For that you have to promote yourself with the search engines and / or directories: it is referencing.

See our tips for optimizing your listing and your visibility in search engines by applying some simple rules to the content of your pages, and the methods of Search Engine Optimisation...
Optimize your site for search engines.
Get your site on search engines.
Get your site listed in a directory.
Optimize your site for search engines.

When a user performs a search, the index is queried automatically. The engine then uses a series of mathematical algorithms to rank the site based on relevance criteria:
Internal pages: Here, instead, density and shape of the keywords in the title page, title page and the url.

The names of the urls can prevent search engines from indexing the pages, especially when these links contain settings or exotic characters. It should be as simple as possible by limiting the url if possible size (<256 characters), with certain parameters in directory names and separating words with hyphens.

The key elements that will guide the "robots" when referencing your site hidden in the code "HTML" on the home page of your site. You'll need a "HTML editor" to view it.
In this code "HTML", you will find a section called the header defined by the tags and.
It is between these two tags that you have the opportunity to influence the ranking of your site, indicating the keywords.

The elements generally considered by the robots to reference a site are:
The title of your page: in the HTML code of your homepage, the title is the text between.
Avoid empty words in the title, such as "Welcome .... ".
the address of your site is also used to reference your site. So when you create your page remember to give it a meaningful name to the theme you want to address.
the description of your site: You can provide a description of the site content (maximum 195 characters) that appears on the search engines.

Always between two and tags and add the code:
The keywords of your site: this tag is used to define which search will find your site. This is the least important result of abuse of use.
Insert key words often used. The keywords must be separated by commas. Space is limited to 90 characters, so it is best to focus on target keywords.

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