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The Importance Of SEO In Your Internet strategy

The SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, ie refers to techniques to optimize web pages and content we publish, so that search engines understand well its content and the best possible positioning for keywords most interest us. Achieving good SEO is not a simple task, as it involves technical (programming code website, quality of the server that hosts the web, etc...), Design and content. It is a task that must be maintained over time, and that you should keep in mind every time you post new content on your website or in your blog.

Why is SEO important?

People's attention is more focused on a particular area than another. Studies show that when people look at a website focusing on the top left of the screen. The other elements that occur in it, will the more unnoticed, or call attention to a lesser extent the user or user the more down and more to the right is located.

As for the positions of the search results, the first to appear takes more than 60% of clicks. THE 5th - 6th place gets only 5% of the clicks. Although this is slowly changing due to the greater experience of those who use the search engines, which have started to look more results before selecting one in which they clicked.

Obviously if your site is located at the top, get more visitors, and will therefore have greater impact and get better results with it.

However, the result pages of search engines evolve. In recent years, they have gone from being just a list of links, to contain other elements, such as local businesses, images, videos, paid advertisements, news, etc..
Some of these elements are placed before our own search results, so make your page appear in positions below of what appeared previously.

This very competed in searches causes only a few (3-4) appear on this first page.

Basic considerations about SEO

There are no tricks or specific strategies to achieve positioning a website in the top search results.

Currently the programs and algorithms that are used to index the pages have evolved over time to largely avoid the possibilities of deception.

For good SEO, however, is essential:

Proof: does not put a website in the top positions overnight. It is a long, slow process and requires perseverance.
Patience: you need to have patience to see the changes that arise both in the Internet in general, and in your own website. Even if you do everything right, the process is slow, do not give up if you do not see results in the short term.
Unique and original content: content is king, if you just copy files that are generated in other pages, you will not achieve arouse the interest of other pages that link to yours. Google highly values ​​fresh content, updated and is not repeated in many other web pages.

What influences to achieve a good position?

As we said initially, you must understand the SEO as a global strategy, since to achieve good positioning must take into account a number of aspects that work, and you have to work on them all the best.

Some of them you can control them directly to your website, and others depend on factors outside or external to it.

Title page (<title> </ title>): every page of your website should have its own title, and also this should be descriptive of the contents thereof.

Metatags: metatags (or metatags) contain information not visible to the user or wearer, but that search engines can read. There are several meta tags that particularly affect SEO, but the most notable is "description": should contain a text description of the contents of this page. Also this text is used in search results to indicate the content of your website.

Domain name: if the domain of your website affiliated or contains relevant words in the subject dealt with, will help to achieve better positioning.

URL: The URL that give access to different pages of your site should be friendly, and avoid using variables. If also contain keywords, your position will be favored for those keywords.
Headers (hierarchy): the format is used to highlight the titles and subtitles of different content, must be assigned using the header tags (<h1> ... </ h1>, <h2> ... </ h2> , etc.). Furthermore, if these keywords are titles, positioning will also be favored for these.

Contents clean, optimized. Some web publishers, including codes, although not reflected in the presentation that visitors to your site will make "noise" to search engines and indexing difficult. If you use editors to create your content, remember that usually have a feature "clean code" to eliminate these codes superfluous.

Internal linking structure : The contents of the website should be well linked together. There must be a structure consistent links and sublinks. Not include an excessive number of links in the index, since this force subtracted each.

Upload speed: avoid superfluous content that increase the weight of your page and do nothing. Optimize the size of the images, and the rest of the media elements containing them and a good server host it give you good bandwidth because the faster upload your website, will be favored in order to obtain a good position.
Fresh Content: The more frequently you update the content of your website will be visited more frequently by search engine robots, and can achieve better positioning.

Anchor of links: the anchor is the text used to link to the content of your page and should be descriptive of the contents to be accessed by using the link. Not the same a link like this: "click here to see the photo of a hedgehog" that "photo of a hedgehog." In the first example in anchor text is "here" a word that does not give information about the contents of the page that is linked. In the second case, the anchor text itself is defining what we will find once we click on the link.

Popularity of your site: it is mainly achieved by the number of links that exist on other websites pointing to your website (as well as factors affecting the length of your domain name, the presence in social networks and other). Every web site that links to your content, is like a "vote" of confidence in your website, and search engines take this into account.

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