Saturday, July 27, 2013

Why SEO and Google Page Rank are killing.

Google came to market with a visual search engine for clean, cleaner, but with much more interesting results. Over time, the company has been improving its system, always seeking to provide better results in their research. It was from this need that arose Page Rank, a system that, according to the company, helps to better filter the millions of existing sites.

With this tool, which is not disclosed exactly how it works, the Google to the top of search sites, leaving behind many competitors like Yahoo. Today Google has over 90% market share of the search market, reigning almost absolute within the millions of daily searches.
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All this power acquired through the years, to the point which is now dominating the market, Google has attracted the interest of many people and it is not for nothing that your advertising program, AdWords, works so well. The high number of searches also attracted businesses to the seeker, made people realize the importance of being on Google. Have you ever heard someone say, "If it is not on Google does not exist!"?

This "need" to be on the first page has spurred many professionals concerned about leaving the sites well positioned, making room for the profession of SEO, the "search engine optimizers".

Over time this profession began to gain more and more power and today is even greater. The concern with Best SEO Services has become common for companies that invest in websites.

Now that you understand what SEO is let's talking about the results that Google has been able gradually to your Page Rank.

There are some searches you do on the internet today that several companies have already bought space. The other few places left in the top of the list are generally companies that paid dearly to use various SEO techniques (some even "illegal") to be there in front of so many other results.

What makes us think this is the following, is that Google is helping us find what we seek and find those who are investing more to be there? This is a question that has been much discussed by those who work with SEO and Google itself has said worrying about "spam" in the search results, has warned that it is constantly working on system to make the search even more objective.

As we have said before, the Page Rank formula was never open, never have certainty how it finds and suggests the results. Probably also the company is in constant change, which makes it even harder for those who want to discover the secret formula of Google searches.

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