Thursday, July 25, 2013

Know what SEO is: Techniques can highlight your website in Google

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The word means Optimization for Search Engines. In practice, it means using SEO techniques to improve your website's position in Google (the largest search engine internet) and make the page has more visibility.

There are dozens of techniques to make a website better position in search engines. Are actions that visitors do not realize, but that Google takes into account when deciding which site appears on the first page of searches? The shares may be made within the site or elsewhere. It's called on-page SEO (site) or off-page (off-site).

An example of practical SEO done within a site is to mark with bold the most important words of your text (this practice will cause Google highlight your site by the time someone searches the word). Create external links to your site (i.e., put the link in other places on the Internet) is an example of the practice of off page SEO done.

See examples of other techniques that will help your site to Google

1 - Think about the keywords that you want to strengthen in Google (at most three simple words-five composite). Example: in a blog about cats, you should use related words such as "cats" and "Kitten".

2 - Create a proper name for your site (which has the main keyword). And that's cool.

3 - Think of content already focusing on the right keywords. Example: instead of writing a title "as I feed the Zuzu" think "as I feed the cat Zuzu".

4 - Thinking about how people search for content in Google (example: using the terms "how" or "what is") and apply the titles and subtitles of your text.

5 - Create partnerships with sites similar to yours. This will ensure quality external links.

SEO: do so in moderation

Now that you have discovered what is SEO (and even some techniques to improve its position in Google) can already putting out bold throughout the text and spreading your links around. Right? Very wrong. SEO techniques can greatly help improve the position of a website in Google, but must be applied with discretion and moderation.

Sites that abuse of optimization techniques (and often leave quality aside) are punished with loss positions in Google or even excluding the seeker. So do not even try to abuse just one of these techniques (such as the bold, for example).

The ideal is to build a page using various techniques (ranging from the choice of the name spread far), but not forgetting the main thing: make your site a place of interest.

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