Friday, July 12, 2013

Guide to SEO strategies net linking

SEO is all the techniques that are used to make the famous up a site in search engines, especially Google, which has over 90% market share of research in France.

Faced with the challenge it represents, it is natural that SEO has grown considerably and democratized over the years, becoming nowadays something very normal thing.

But then, there are many providers, we read a lot of things and you get lost a little. What really works? What are the data that come into play? How to go back to the site without losing too much time? Let's see some ideas that really work.

Based on the basis

SEO (SEO) is a bit more complicated sometimes wishes to present. Sometimes the summary is to include a keyword in the page title and three paragraphs of spam; a Best SEO Services is much more comprehensive and complicated than that.

Reading some blogs or some guides - including this one - also not make you an expert, and you will in any case not all cards to self manage the SEO of your site so serene, at least without some experience.

In all cases, if you are relatively novice SEO, I encourage you to go for a ride on the basics of SEO, as well as the guide of SEO.

You may read a site optimizes every floor level keywords in the code, in terms of content and in terms of linking and that in all cases, it is often a mistake to summarize in a single part of them (other floors can actually be added as navigation, site structure, etc..).

However, Google is far from resting on its laurels and continues daily to refine the index to make it as relevant as possible. Thus, techniques evolve over time and we'll see exactly how.

The linking, SEO forced transition
Google evolves, it said. But SEO is changing there really much that tells us? It's more than just a debate question, but I would tend to say no.

In very general terms, it does not necessarily evolve by changing the rules but by adding rules.

You may have dozens of examples against the head but in reality, what worked once, still works. The difference is that many new data come into play, such as editing pages of Google search, the advent of social networks or competition that is widely grown in most areas.

Thus, there is an eternity of this (say 7-8 years, an eternity on wide web), include keywords in the title tag enough to appear on strategic keywords. Then, the competition has grown. Google then increased the importance of relationships and the concept of popularity, although some areas are not yet affected by the proliferation of sites.

Nowadays, no need to emphasize that it is rare to find a non-optimized query on a competitive site, and that writing three paragraphs above the neighbor no longer enough to make you have to face the complexity of SEO.

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