Thursday, July 11, 2013

Search Engine Optimized Web Usability

Combine search engine optimization and usability

Expert opinions suggest that websites with good usability are also simultaneously search engine optimized. We agree in part. Interactive presence with good usability must increasingly use the web 2.0 techniques. These techniques, such as JavaScript, Flash and DHTML, in turn, are "pure poison" for Search Engine Optimization. We are of the opinion that a simultaneous, wholly owned optimize usability and search engine marketing is not possible when these techniques are used. We develop and combine the ease of internet marketing customized websites.

The need for both techniques on the Web

Consider this, two extreme scenarios. Your website has excellent usability. Due to the ease of use you are able to bind many visitors but unfortunately you will not be found. The other scenario is that you run excellent internet marketing and your pages are search engine optimized. They are found and direct many visitors to your pages. But at the cost of usability. The visitors are overwhelmed by the poor usability. In addition, through a dubious visual design, the visitor has a bad first impression right. Internet users are always a click away from leaving your page. And when they leave your presence with a bad impression of you this may well never be again be among your visitors. Successful websites need to apply both techniques to be successful in the long term and to remain.

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