Thursday, July 18, 2013

SEO Introduction to Business

Bringing users to the Web site can be done in many ways like a post in the press, on billboards, radio, etc., but there is no doubt that in most online activities and most of the traffic will come from search engines on the Internet, and of course Google is the most important and significant of all.

Bringing traffic to Web search engine Google, you get two main sources: fee (Adword) or fee (Organic). Bringing unpaid traffic from search engines is generated by high-performance search relevant website search engine.

And asked the million dollar question - How do you make Google search engine rank us high for relevant keywords for new business? Or in other words how to do SEO?

Organic SEO
Search Engine Optimization and search engine especially Google is not an exact science and the work is long and demanding a lot of patience and perseverance. Google publishes many articles and instructions on Organic SEO and how to do it right. But all the explanations and guidelines are a recommendation with endless options exercised and the work was done by trial and error.

Google has a large number of criteria which he weighs the algorithm which is confidential and is constantly changing - an algorithm which is actually a strength and uniqueness of the search engine.

Web Site Content
The first step in a search engine is Indus site, which means - Google scans web pages and photographing the contents. Photo web pages as they are kept in the search engine can be seen by pressing the search bar:
Cache page address:

When Google crawls the Web page is trying to simulate a person reading the same page, and gives the emphases accordingly. Therefore of great importance in determining the page title, content titles, emphasis and relative amount of performance relevant keywords accordingly. Note that if Google finds it illogical values ​​may invalidate the page and mark it as spam!

In addition, it is important to be original page content is relevant and qualitative aspects that even if subjects by Google. Should be noted that pages are copied or duplicated deliberately "punished" by Google!
More information for duplicate or duplicate pages article about canonical URLs

Website content writing guidelines which not only will be good for Google, he claimed, they will bring targeted audiences to go where they will find what they want and content site for browsing arouse interest. Therefore, one of the first marketing activities in terms of SEO that need to be done, is keyword research - which words and phrases that will bring us the browsing audience quality and most relevant.

Selecting appropriate words or phrases most can be done using the statistics of the site itself and also by examining the search engine competition. In addition Google itself provides quite a bit of data by displaying multiple instances of the phrase in any search, and Webmaster tools and analytics you can see the number of searches of those expressions entire chain.

Another tool called Google Trend can give information about the number of searches as a function of time.

All these tools that will help you so you can make the decision which search phrases are the most common and most efficient for promoting a website.

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