Monday, July 15, 2013

SEO Analyst

What is SEO Analyst?
The SEO Analyst is responsible for optimizing website pages so that they are the best positioned in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing...

Organic search, free, is the focus of Search Engine Optimization Analyst, and have good results the process will be medium / long term.

Tasks SEO Analyst
Essential that the SEO professional knows:

ON Page Factors - Analyze the site code, html, urls, navigation and usability. Evaluate the content of the site to be well understood by search engines.

OFF Page Factors - Is the external site, how to create backlinks to your site. Getting the most from sites with the same subject as yours, we will tell them in your content to be good quality.

Creating Content - Creating content for customers not only for the search engines. Create an interaction of people with the issues by creating an expectation comment and discuss on the proposed topic.

Training Teams - passing his knowledge and respect for the team, showing the Importance of SEO for a good positioning and what might change in the future when the site is well positioned and seen by the search engines.
Teaching all type of tool needed that can be used to get a sense of vision and how it will be done rankeamento site.

Requirements for an SEO Analyst
The official requirements are not professional but are considered essential for the SEO professional.

Knowing the search engines
Notion of codes (html, css, php ...)
Learn to research and understand what the best keyword and strategy for the site.
Currently know how to use Social Networks to develop strategies to help in SEO.
Know SEO techniques.
Develop positioning strategies.
Using tools for development and analysis results.
Knowledge in xml.

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